Wheelchair Donation to Ashley Learning Center

Just as much as The Somerset’s staff love to help guests create treasured times, they also have a passion for giving back to the local community.

With our partnership with the Ashley Learning Center, we have a list of items needed to help these children with special needs. Many guests have already generously brought down supplies.

Two of the students at the Ashley Learning Center had a great need for a wheelchair. General Manager Kevin Reeder and his wife Ellen were able to generously donate one this April on behalf of The Somerset.

Thank You Artwork

A wonderful drawing of The Somerset’s entrance and reception building created by student Donny was presented as a thank you for the wheelchair. Thank you so much for the drawing, Donny!

Autism Spectrum Disorder Conference

On Saturday, April 14, the Ashley Learning Center along with the Center for Children with Special Needs hosted it’s second annual conference, “Autism Spectrum Disorder.”

The Somerset was pleased to be able to donate accommodations for the doctors and therapists who traveled to Providenciales to give presentations and evaluations. A big thank-you to both Centers and the doctors and therapists for all you do!