Treasured Times Winners

Family posing, Treasured Times Winners, Somerset on Grace Bay

In 2016, we are celebrating The Somerset on Grace Bay’s 10th anniversary and asking past guests to share their most treasured time. On the 10th of each month, we are giving away a free 3-night stay for 2. Congratulations to these monthly winners!

November Winner: Lisa Groves-Lecce

“The evening we arrived was breathtaking, and our girls were beyond thrilled to be poolside and bounding along your gorgeous beach at sunset. It was here that we treasured simple things the most, like helping our girls hunt for seashells or taking in the ‘perfect 10’ view from our terrace. Hotel view from a balcony at The Somerset on Grace Bay

At The Somerset, people greeted us like friendly neighbors from back home.

We had a spectacular week, relaxing and enjoying our family. Our last night was the famous beach BBQ and the girls couldn’t contain their excitement. Sadly, Mother Nature had other plans. Disappointed, we headed to Pavilion for our relocated dinner. Low and behold, thanks to DJ Snoopy and the delightful staff, we had our most enjoyable dinner of the week! The atmosphere was fun and friendly, and our girls were singing and dancing between trips to the delicious buffet. We closed the restaurant down that night, and our girls have a fondly treasured snapshot with their new friend DJ Snoopy! Thanks for the treasured memories – truly a ‘perfect 10’!

October Winner: Stuart Lockyer

Stuart is a longtime guest of The Somerset and has been stayed at our resort with his brother David and family five times since we opened in 2006.

This August, he had a very special occasion to celebrate: his mother, Cilla’s, 70th birthday.

“As returning guests, expectations were high and yet again, you managed to exceed them.”

Tourists with 70th birthday banner, The Somerset on Grace Bay


During previous stays, the Lockyer family especially enjoyed a private boat charter, though sightings of Jo Jo the Dolphin occasionally came up short. This time, Jo Jo did not disappoint. Stuart’s mother loves dolphins and was absolutely thrilled to finally meet Jo Jo! It seemed as if Jo Jo knew it was Cilla’s birthday and wanted to provide a great addition to an already perfect trip.

“For my Mum to have her family together on her 70th Birthday at The Somerset, that was truly a Treasured Time, and none of us will forget how happy she was.

September Winner: Michael McLachlan

September Treasured Times WinnerMichael McLachlan and his wife have a passion for travel and take great pleasure in exploring the world. Some of their favorite trips have been to Italy, Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii and their annual ski vacation. Michael says many of their most treasured memories come from the places they have visited abroad.

As a Toronto resident, Michael hopes to escape the treacherous winter months with a visit to our tropical destination. He envisions setting foot on our glorious white sand beaches, basking poolside and letting his cares slip away.

The couple shares their constant fantasy of visiting our beautiful corner of the world, indicating a stay at our luxury hideaway would act as a celebration of their love and lives together.

“We think The Somerset would rival for our top vacation spot if we could just get there. Our desire keeps coming back to visit this amazing looking place!”

August Winner: David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz

My wife Cara and I had never been to Turks & Caicos before we stepped foot there for our wedding weekend. We knew, however, that The Somerset would be the perfect spot to celebrate and bring 100 of our closest family members and friends.

The wedding itself was picture perfect, and impeccably planned, from the flow of the event to every flower and utensil there. Beyond that, The Somerset was our base for the days before and after where we invited our guests to spend time with us in a more relaxed setting and enjoy the beautiful pools and the outstanding food.

We returned for our five-year-anniversary (just us – this was a quieter getaway) and were amazed to see some of the staff remember us.”

“We look forward to make such visits a reunion, and in time show our toddler why this is such a meaningful spot in her parents’ lives.”

July Winner: Elyse Levandowski

Elyse’s family lives throughout the East Coast, and it generally takes a lot of planning to get the entire group together. Now that all of the siblings are working, married and “grown up,” they don’t get together as often as they previously have.Tourists posing on the beach at The Somerset on Grace Bay

To encourage more togetherness, they decided that as each of them turned 30 years old, he or she would pick a vacation destination and invite the entire family to join. Elyse’s sister was the first to turn the big 3-0. Since most of the group had not visited a tropical location before, Grace Bay seemed like the perfect fit and they booked their stay at The Somerset on Grace Bay.

From relaxing at the beach to sipping a cocktail poolside, Elyse and her family grew closer during their vacation. Elyse recalls she has never laughed so hard or felt as much joy as she did at The Somerset. Now, the treasured times they created linger in their memories as they often reflect on their trip and their special family adventures. Elyse’s only wish is her grandparents could’ve been there to see the happy family and the love they helped create.

“Yes, I’ll always remember the crystal water, the sweet drinks, and the warm white sand under my feet, but more importantly I’ll remember how much closer we became as a family.”

June Winner: Kathleen Preisner

“My sister got married at The Somerset, so my whole crew made our way to the island.A family posing by the pool at The Somerset on Grace Bay


Vacationing with 3 kids never felt like a true vacation until we found The Somerset.  The minute we arrived, Warren, who’s THE MAN, was there to greet us with a much-needed rum punch. Our spacious and beautiful suite, stocked with everything you could imagine, was a dream.

We spent our days relaxing as a family between the kid-friendly pool and the gorgeous Grace Bay.  I looked at other family-friendly resorts while on the island and would pick nowhere other than The Somerset.

“The Somerset just makes everything easy.”

The wedding day was beautiful and oh so much fun!  The entire staff took care of every last detail.  The day was perfect and went off without a hitch. The food was amazing and hands down best meal we had on the island. No one wanted the music and dancing to end!

My kids have been talking about the pool, kids club, making s’mores and necklaces nonstop. We’d love to come back!”

May Winner: The Carey Family

We welcomed this wonderful family of six to The Somerset in August 2015 after the youngest of the Carey daughters, Grace and Taylor, “discovered” TCI had a Grace Bay and a Taylor Bay. They convinced their family to vacation here, and the rest is history!

“Little did I know that I would be thanking my sisters for years to come for discovering such a wonderful vacation spot.” – Madison

The Careys took advantage of our watersport offerings and enjoyed snorkeling, kayaking and paddleboarding. Much to everyone’s delight, the family even learned how to sail! They also visited old pier ruins and enjoyed many long walks on the beach in search of sand dollars and conch shells.

The Careys also enjoyed lounging by the pool and swimming in the water. The son is a water polo player, and the siblings spent countless hours splashing around with this sport. Taylor says she became a significantly better player that week, thanks to the instruction of her brother.

Evening also brought the family members together, and they all agree highlights include dancing at the Tuesday night Beach BBQ and admiring the spectacular Grace Bay sunsets. Before their vacation, Grace purchased a camera and was VERY into taking pictures. The girls enjoyed participating in evening “photo shoots” on the beach while wading into the water. They were amazed when a bird flew into the frame of their picture, and they perfectly captured the special moment.

The sisters say they dream of coming back one day for family time. We are happy to help your dream come true, and look forward to welcoming you back for many more treasured times.

“Being away as a family at The Somerset was perfect for bonding and experiences that we’ll never forget.” – Katherine

April Winner: Alisa Maurer


A vintage photo of a couple used, The Somerset on Grace BayIn 2013, Alisa and her husband were married, and the newlyweds headed to Turks & Caicos for their honeymoon.

After arriving on the island, Alisa and her husband were captivated by Grace Bay’s beautiful blue waters and soft white sand.

After a fun, playful day of sunshine and romance, the tides began to turn. Alisa was stricken by a virus and was stuck in her room for the remainder of their trip. Committed to his new wife, her husband stayed by her side. Needless to say, the couple had to cancel their plans, and they did not fully experience Grace Bay’s beautiful beaches, vibrant reefs or exquisite cuisine.

We’re pleased to invite the Maurers back to Grace Bay for a second chance to celebrate their honeymoon and introduce them to The Somerset. With our elegant touch and attentive staff, we’ll provide a flawless and unforgettable getaway. As they celebrate their commitment to each other, they’ll create treasured times together for a lifetime of warm memories of our special resort.

As the Maurers stroll hand-in-hand under the warm Caribbean sun or snorkel in our crystal clear waters, our dream destination will offer the ultimate romance and many treasured times they’ll never forget.

“This trip would mean a second honeymoon and a chance to create new special memories in the magical place called Grace Bay.”

March Winner: Kristen St. Pierre


Tourists sun bathing in the pool, The Somerset on Grace BayKristen’s family of five traveled to Turks & Caicos for the first time last July. With a son who had just graduated from high school and a daughter recovering from ACL knee surgery, the St. Pierre’s were ready to celebrate the success of these landmark events. Their visit represents a special time of family togetherness on an island vacation they’d never forget.

Their stay began as our bellman Winston delivered luggage and groceries to their villa with his famous warm welcome. He commented it was time to “let the party begin,” which set a positive and relaxed tone for their week-long stay.

The St. Pierre’s noted one of their favorite activities was attending the Tuesday night Beach Party BBQ. After an enjoyable Caribbean meal, the family danced the night away while DJ Snoopi (Winston) energized the crowd and kept the beats spinning.

What was the best part of their vacation? Not having a plan! From relaxing on the beach, floating in the pool or enjoying their luxurious accommodations, Kristen says they loved simply living in the moment.

While treasured moments of their vacation linger in in their memories, Winston also found a special place into their hearts. The St. Pierre’s just named their new puppy “Winston” after our exceptional bellman and DJ.

This may have been the St. Pierre family’s first visit to Grace Bay, but it certainly won’t be their last. Kristen’s aunt and uncle visited us in February, and as a vacation winner, we look forward to welcoming Kristen back for many more treasured times.

“The trip far exceeded our expectations for the most relaxing vacation we had ever taken.”

February Winner: Karen Roache Dixon


Karen and her husband celebrated their honeymoon at The Somerset. They were mesmerized by Grace Bay’s beauty, particularly the sparkling turquoise waters. Her husband wanted to prove just how crystal clear the water was by dropping his wedding band from hand to hand, whenCouple celebrating honeymoon at The Somerset on Grace Bay a few minutes later, it accidentally fell and disappeared into the sand.

This was no ordinary wedding band either. The ring was melted from his mom’s ring, who had passed of breast cancer.

So, despite the ocean’s current and being six months pregnant, Karen kept in one place, marking the area it fell with her foot. Her husband then retrieved a strainer and began the frantic search for the missing ring. The Somerset staff even came to the beach to cheer the couple on and assist in the search. As the sky darkened, hope quickly began to fade. Suddenly, like magic, the ring appeared in the strainer and the crowd went wild!

“He got the gold, and I got the gem and forever more.”