Somerset Watersports

View of the charters on the sea at The Somerset on Grace Bay
Girls wearing snorkels on the beach, The Somerset on Grace Bay
Kayaks on the beach at The Somerset on Grace Bay
Woman on a transparent kayak at The Somerset on Grace Bay

Visiting the Turks and Caicos and in need of an adventure? Look no further than our on-property watersports options at The Somerset, the very best way to enjoy Grace Bay.

When vacationing here at The Somerset, there are endless opportunities for relaxation: you might lounge by the lap pool, cocktail in hand, or maybe you would prefer to soak up the sun’s rays on a chaise at the ocean’s edge. But for those of you in the mood for a bit more adventure, our resort offers a variety of non-motorized water sport opportunities for those seeking to explore our turquoise water’s endless possibilities—from both above and below the surface.

Hobie Cats

Our resort has two private Hobie Cats available to take out on the high seas. You can skirt near the shore, taking in the sights, the sunbathers, and the glistening white sand. Or you might rather take our Hobies out far, near where the waves break over the reef.

While you may very well already be a competent sailor, if you’ve never sailed the open seas, our beach attendants are happy to be your guide or give you a lesson. And if you’d prefer to take the whole family along, we now offer a family-sized catamaran as well.

Snorkel Gear 

The Turks and Caicos are home to some of the world’s best coral reefs. Snorkel gear, including masks and fins, are available for you to borrow at any time. We even offer goggles for the little ones who might only be brave enough to scour the bottom of our infinity pool. Feel free to take your gear down the beach to The Bight Reef or farther down the beach to Smith’s Reef. You can even explore the sandy bottom right in front of our resort: dolphins, stingrays, and flounder have been known to pass through and you could be lucky enough to see them for yourself.


For a slower tour of our water, we offer paddleboards. Our staff will be more than happy to give you a lesson, helping you to learn to stand up, paddle, and maneuver through our calm ocean’s surface. You can even choose to sit or lie down on our boards, allowing the soft waves to nudge you back and forth. Paddling is a wonderful way to see the beach, the ocean, and even what lies beneath: curious fish might come to investigate you while you scoot through the waves taking in the scenery—and getting a great core workout while you’re at it.


If a more vigorous workout sounds more like what you are searching for, we have several kayaks at your disposal, including a glass-bottom option—great for viewing every fish and conch shell you might see below. Feel free to explore Grace Bay’s beach with a friend, as you kayak back and forth along the shore. Or take more than one out with a friend and race through the waves. Don’t worry, safety vests are always available.

Get on the water at The Somerset on Grace Bay

While some of us prefer to sizzle in the sun, book in hand, there are some who instead crave a bit of exploration, a closer look at the world below the ocean’s surface, or a simple tour of what Grace Bay’s beach has to offer. For them, we have the perfect solution. Whether you’re already a pro, or have never even entertained the thought of engaging in any kind of watersport ever before, our beach attendants have got you covered. You won’t believe what waits for you on, in, and below our waters. And we here at The Somerset can’t wait to show you.