Places to visit near our Caribbean luxury hotel on Provo

Green Iguana by the beach near The Somerset on Grace Bay

Everyone has heard of Grace Bay Beach (one of the top ten beaches in the world), so here are some other places to visit near our Caribbean luxury hotel on Provo.

Cheshire Hall Plantation

Located close to downtown Provo, Cheshire Hall is the semi-preserved remains of a cotton plantation and at its height was comprised of hundreds of acres.  Today, visitors can see the remains of the great House, a cotton press base, kitchen, cistern, well and a small modern reproduction of cabins for plantation workers.

Conch World

Conch World is the world’s only conch farm and has been in operation since the 1980s. Guided tours take you from the hatching of eggs to harvesting animals for consumption. In addition, there are performances by trained conchs Sally and Jerry.

Northwest Point National Park

Northwest Point Marine Natural Park and Northwest Point Pond Nature Reserve features beautiful rugged rocky coastline  and small coves, and is an ideal place to spend an afternoon exploring some of the natural features of the Turks and Caicos.

Sapodilla Bay Hill Rock Carvings

These rocks feature dates and names of sailors who stopped by the island in the early 1800’s, and are located at South Dock, Sapodilla Bay, about 30 minutes by car from Grace Bay.

West Harbour Bluff

West Harbor Bluff is Provo’s south-westernmost point, and Several interesting features can be seen along this beautiful coastline including cliffs, a small cave, 200 year-old rock carvings and a mile of undeveloped beach. Also, directly to the north is Frenchman’s Creek Nature Reserve.

For information about how to reach these spots from our Caribbean luxury hotel, please contact the concierge.