Bonefishing in Turks & Caicos

Man Bone-fishing in Turks & Caicos, The Somerset on Grace Bay

Sunshine-filled activities abound on Grace Bay, and there is one unique Providenciales experience you cannot miss. Bonefishing, considered the ultimate fly fishing, proves an exciting excursion for adventurers, families, and sightseers of all skill levels.

What is bonefishing?

Fly fishing for bonefish is a popular sport in South Florida, the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. This activity is considered a challenge since these wily bonefish swim at speeds up to 25 mph and make for an exhilarating time as you reel them in.

Wade in shallow waters or reel them in from the boat. Since bonefishing is mostly done for sport, these fighting fish are usually thrown back.

Provo’s bonefishing experts

The Somerset’s guests love going on fishing outings in the “big fish mecca” of Turks & Caicos with Bonefish Unlimited, which has been based out of Providenciales for more than 35 years. Captain Barr and Captain Will know the best fishing around the island and will provide an exciting excursion whether you’re a professional or beginner.

Ready for your adventure? Contact our concierge to book your fishing excursion with Bonefish Unlimited!