4 Healing Properties of Grace Bay

Couple posing by the pool at The Somerset on Grace Bay

While a vacation is the perfect opportunity to create treasured times with loved ones, it can also benefit your mind, body and soul. Follow along to find out why!

Blue creates a feeling of calmness

We’re naturally drawn to aquatic hues, and blues create a calming presence as it is associated with qualities of wisdom, depth and happiness.

Classic sailing boat on the sea near The Somerset On Grace Bay

The sea unburdens your subconscious

Being around water gives both your brain and senses a rest from over-stimulation.

Women enjoying the sea near The Somerset On Grace Bay

Vacation improves genetic activity

In a recent study, vacation was shown to induce a meditative state. On a relaxing vacation, you allow your body to get out of an ongoing defensive posture, which in turn, reduces your levels of stress and boosts your immune system.

Couple posing for a picture at The Somerset On Grace Bay

Water can improve your concentration

Being near water while exercising will give you more of a mental boost than exercising in a crowded, hectic gym environment with TVs and music. The auditory perspective of the sea will stimulate a state of focus, drive and concentration.

A girl relaxing on a surfboard near The Somerset On Grace Bay

Everything you need is waiting to revitalize your mind and body awaits in Grace Bay! Come experience the healing properties of nature on the World’s #1 Beach.